Friday, March 30, 2007


He'all!.. good news, I just got a job as a laboratory technician in one of the groups in the University that researches on Obesity!! Anyway... Thanks God gwa udah dapet kerja...Thanks to you guys for encouragement and support and words of wisdom. Aghh.. finally guwa dapet kerja!!!! YAY!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Guess, which one of these eyes belong to me?!

Coffee Toffee Walnut Cake

This is thee best, out of the best cake I've ever made in the history of my entire life. It's easy and it's goddamn pretty! So again, if you girls wanna make your bf some cake for some special occasians, try this!

Ingredients for cake:
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
100 g walnut, toasted (can also microwave for 30 seconds)
125 ml milk
1 tablespoon dry instant coffee
185 g butter, extra
300 g caster sugar
3 eggs
1 c (150 g) self-raising flour
3/4 c (110 g) plain flour

Ingredients for toffee:
110 g caster sugar
2 tablespoon water
3 teaspoon cream or 1 tablesppon butter

  1. Preheat oven to slow (170 or 150C fan-forced). Throughly grease your cake pan with butter and lightly flour the base and its side with flour, shake out the excess
  2. Melt 30 g butter in small pan, add brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts, stir well cool
  3. Combine milk and coffee in small bowl, stir until coffee dissolves
  4. Beat 185 g of butter and caster sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until light and fluffy (use medium speed), beat in eggs one at a time, beating until just combined between additions. Fold in sifted flours, then add milk mixture
  5. Spread half of the cake mixture in the base of the prepared pan. Sprinkle with half of the walnut mixture, top with remaining cake mixture
  6. Bake uncovered for 45 mins until cooked. Let stand for 5 mins before turning into a wire rack to cool
  7. Make Toffee: combine sugar and water in small saucepan, stir over low heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil, simmer, uncovered until sugar browns slightly, add cream and stir for 1 minutes or until thickend slightly
  8. Place cake on wire rack over oven tray. Drizzle some of the toffee on top of cake, press on remaining walnut mixture, drizzel with remaining toffee

Salmon Sushi

Coffee and Cheese Creamy Cake

Owiyah, gua hampir lupa.. waktu gua di jakarta, gua buat kue sama si wenny. Ueeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk buangeettt gua ambil resepnya dari buku "sponge cake dan variasinya dari sedap sekejap. gampang bngt dan uenak banget. Ini lho hasilnya, manis banget kan? Btw, gua ada tips tips oke nih buat bikin bolu. Jadi klo ada cewe2 yg mo buatin co2nya kue buat hari2 special, dijamin deh - antigagal! ^^


  • 7 kuning telur
  • 3 putih telur
  • 90 g gula pasir
  • 90 g tepung terigu protein sedang (klo yg protein tinggi ntr kuenya keras)
  • 15 g tepung maizena
  • 10 g susu bubuk
  • 2 sendokteh kopi instant
  • 50 ml krim kental
  • 50 g margarin
  • 1/4 esens kopi (boleh ditiadakan klo ngak punya, soalnya gua gak pake)
  • 50 g butter cream
  • keju parut secukupnya
Cara Membuat:
  1. Kocok telur dan gula sampe mengembang (pake mixer yg kecepetannya sedeng ya - jgn cepet, ntr kuenya kasar, jadi kira2 20 menit deh)
  2. Masukin terigu, maizena, susu bubuk, diayak dan diaduk rata
  3. Tambahin krim kental, aduk rata
  4. Tuang margarin leleh, kopi instant, aduk rata
  5. Tuang ke loyang yg udah dioles margarin
  6. Oven 20 menit dgn suhu 190 derajat
  7. Oles atasnya dengan butter cream, taburin sama keju
Cara buat butter cream dasar:
  • 50 : 50 perbandingan antara krim asli sama mentega
  • pake gula secukupnya - klo suka manis ya pake banyak - sesuai keinginan aja
  1. Kocok krims ama mentega dan gula dikit2 sampe semuanya bener2 kecampur dan ngembang, klo mo rasa kopi, pakein kopi bubuk aja sedikit- kocok kecepatan sedeng, for about 20-25 minutes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

They're people

There's no difference between you and them.
They're good people.
Just because they are different and don't have the same opinions from you,
doesn't mean you're any better than them.
I just dont understand why you wont let me play with them.
What makes you hate them?
They're just people,
They're my friends.

"umu marmut"

Ayo, bingungkan lu org semua?
umu marmut tuh apaan?
ini... adalah yg diucapin dy kalo lg minta dikolokin
nah..ini artinya, minta dicium kecil2 banyak dengan endusan2
kae marmut/kelinci klo baru ketemu barang baru - diendus2 sambil bibirnya goyang-goyang.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anniversary Day

Y'all..please help me find a nice present for him. My anniversary day is in 2 weeks!!! And I dont know what to give him....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey'all, this is something Feby forwarded from me to do :) I hope you guys wud do it too okay?

top 2 things found in your wallet:
Eftpos (ATM) card, bus card

top 2 songs you can listen to again
and again:
Put Your Records On (Connie Ray Bailey)
Corner of the earth (Jamaroquai)

top 2 reasons to watch television:
Boredom and if there's something I wanna watch

top 2 places I'd want to visit 10 yrs.
from now
America and Europe

top 2 obsessions:
My hair and My jeans

top 2 favorite nick name:
lolita, angie

top 2 favorite food:
me ayam, empek2

top 2 favorite snacks:
roti prata and martabak manis

top 2 favorite website:
this japanese fashion magazine, blogger (>D)

top 2 goals you want to accomplish:
hmm, get a job and be successful

top 2 favorite colors:
pink & white

top 2 favorite part of the house:
kitchen and bathroom

top 2 things i can't wait to happen
get a job and move out of nz

top 2 places where I love to shop
Singapore (sorry, no other btter place)

top 2 movies I could watch over and
charlie and the chocolate factory and Hot Chick

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bolu kukus

Mirip bolu kukus ngak? ngak ya :(
Only 5 cakes opened up... :(
Flat bolu kukus :( banyak bangettttt :( yg bantet
Just count how many cakes are bantet.. lol..

PS: sorry for the ugly and unattractive pictures, it's because my digicam is still with my dad in Jakarta and so I have to take pics with my cell phone. :( Well i got another digicam, but I lost its cable :( - So I hope you dont mind with the picture quality. It's not gonna be long.

Kura-pao (bakpao kura-kura)

Yes.. I end up making something today - Thank god for that! Do you lyk my turtle steamed buns? hihi, one of it was green - I tried using green food colouring so that it looks more lyk a turtle, but I'm pretty sure that it looks more munted than it looks lyk one.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ada gossip hebat. Guwa udah kehilangan keinginan dan keterampilan gwa dalam memasak! Like after gwa pulang dari Jakarta, gwa belom ada baking ataw masak sama sekalih! Aneh banget kan?!
Dipikiran gwa cuma cari kerjaan doang - tapi koq rasanya malessssshhh bangetttt... hm... gwa harus dapet kerjaan soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hey, today I was told there is some "spirit" in my room and around the house. That really freaks the sh*t out of me man........ T.T T.T and somebody had said that there is something in the soft toys that GB gave me. and something in my room OMG.. i'm so scared right now...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Presents?'s my 4th anniversary day soon and I have no idea what to give him. can you guys help? T.T - i dont want to buy anything again from the stores cuz it's so not special, i wanna make something - any idea what?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Little Bits and Pieces of Choco

Iya nih... tadi pas gua lagi buka2 computer, ketemu foto2 choco yg dulu.. duh kangennn banget..padahal dia udah ngak barengan sama kita lagi... gua jatoh hati banget ama tu anjing >< hikx.. i want my own now :_( kebetulan fotonya gua abis potongin poni sama kumis dia - jadi agak botak. he..he..he..

Lantern Festival Report Special - Batavia Bintulu

This is our little food stall called Batavia-Bintulu. Like I've said before, this stall was on for 3 days and we sold mainly satays. Hm.... a lot of Kiwis came and I think our stall was quite popular. We made some profit too - so that's always good. A little bit about the lantern festival, it's always held in Albert Park near the University and they have nice lantern where they hang in the park. Food stalls are always everywhere, and we were one of them. Hm.. we had a couple of other friends also come to help us, so it was a big bunch of people in a small tent - working hard and working well with each other. And thanks to all of them, the stall was always taken care of when it was busy. Thanks a lot guys!! Hm.. here are some pics - Enjoy!

This is our humble stall
Inside the stall - see how packed and smokey it was
Ellys preparing fish balls - sigh the mess hueheuehue
Evie and Aaron posing
HOT UFF!!! this lady came and asked "what does uff mean?" lol - really it was "HOT STUFF"
We're a satay griller factory
Everybody working hard to serve many of our returning customer
Busy Busy - working like a bee

About Job Hunting and the work force

Hm.. as y'all know i've recently graduated, it's somewhat exhilirating and menyeramkan at the same time. Soalnya, now i'm so free and joining the work force is just one of those commitments that you have to hold. Like, if ur still in uni (or if ur especially like me) you can always wag a class or two and u can always catch up. Or never come to class and as long as u catch up ur still okay. Well with working, you can't wag it nor skip a day or two the way I normally would with my university life. LoL. -.-;

But thinking about the money, it makes you want to work more - cuz that's the point of working. I can buy the things that I never thought you could afford before. *kyaaaa, my mind's already spinning on wat i'll shop for - but i think it'll mostly be clothes* Just imagining it, my life would be so different, I mean I'm not a student anymore! - I'd never have to stock up on T-shirts, cuz I wont be needing them. I'd never have to stock up on sneakers, cuz I wont be wearing them. I'll proli stock up on high heals, nice feminine clothes, decent dresses. ah.. i'm going green eyed already!

I've applied for a couple of jobs, I got 3 interviews, i got respond from 2 saying that I've been rejected. Blahed. Oh well, I guess it's probably not for me. Still looking for a job now. Wish me luck ya!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Culinary Adventure in Singapore -(Wisata Boga di Singapur)

Fish Taiyaki

More bread
Gelato of many weird flavors ranging from panna cota to black sesame seeds
Cakes Galore
Prawn noodles - super spicy and super hot! (in Bedok food arena)
More Bedok Shops -> Pig Organ Soup Shop (T.T) - not my kind of food..

Young Chaw Tofu (err..derno how to spell it) - gyah, i haven't seen so many fresh vegies in such a long time! Although I didn't end up eating it, but i thought it was colourful.

Hey y'all, apologies for the late update. I've just been extremely busy after my arrival back in Auckland. Well, me and a couple of friends decided to set up a food stall which was held in the Lantern Festival. It was an Indonesian and Malaysian food stall so we sold food like chicken, lamb and beef satay, popiah, fried mantao eaten with condensed milk, chargrilled corn and roti canai. It was sooo busy, and hectic - I didn't have time to update. So again, apologies yah! right now i'm free so I can update as much as I can.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the food that I tried while I was in Singapore. Seriously, through my holiday, I just realised that Asians eat or Snack so much! There were like so many different kinds, like bread, cakes, and also I think singaporeans are crazy about Japanese food! everywhere I go there are like Japanese food and Japanese styled everything around. Hm.. I bet Taiwan is like Singapore as well. Hmm.. one of the craziest is that this food stall that I went to in Bedok. They sell Pig Organ Soup! *Furk*, neva seen such thing before - and i think they were quite busy. Hm.. they surely know how to recycle and use every piece of food resources to the max. I didn't dare to try - it freaked me out. Oh, I also had heaps of sugar cane juice. Enakkk makk nyakk.. huehue.

Basically, I enjoyed going to Singapore a lot, may be because I went as a tourist so I had heaps of money to spend. I bought 8 pairs of shoes from far east. some nice little cardigan - and several bags. But most of my money went to food - *sigh, like you wouldn't guess*. Hmm.. it's really lively - unlike New Zealand (T.T). Pokoke, I really like it there - I wish to one day move there. I also went to the Biopolis - with my own efforts, *not the uncle's* by MRT. Not too far away and was really easy to get there yay! Hm.. after a week we went home to Jakarta.. tanah airkuww